For all your car servicing needs in Invercargill

At Probuilt Engines Ltd we have a team of experts ready to get your vehicle back on the road!
Looking for a team of machinists that you can trust with your car for engine repair? The team here at Probuilt Engines Ltd based in Invercargill are all experienced professionals when it comes to providing engine repair services. We've built our business here at Probuilt Engines Ltd on repeat business and customer referrals, and most of that is down to the team that day in day out provide trustworthy advice and top quality engine servicing and repairs. Come visit the team at our garage in Invercargill for any queries or obligation free estimates.


Is your vehicle off the road costing your money? Bring your vehicle into Probuilt Engines Ltd and our team of machinists here in Invercargill will guarantee a very short turn around time in getting your vehicle back on the road - where it belongs! We have an experienced team, that have the know-how and experience in engine repair, that your car will be back on the road so you can carry on with your life.


Here at Southern Probuilt Engines Ltd, our team provide a completely transparent service. This means that they will first diagnose the situation with your vehicle, and then provide advice and explain everything in a very clear way - we won't be using any complicated technical terms to try and baffle you. At Probuilt Engines Ltd you'll know exactly what car service we're providing, why it's needed and how much it will cost - so surprises from the team here in Invercargill.


We've been in the business of providing engine reconditioning services for a number of years now, and all the team here at Probuilt Engines Ltd in Invercargill are fully experienced in the service they provide. Whatever your vehicle make or model, or whether it's a rebuild or repair, you can be confident in knowing that we've probably done it before, and we know the right solution everytime.
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